Winter TBR

I haven’t read much as I would have liked over the last few years, so I am making it a point to read more in the new year. To kick off my goal of 20 books in 2020, I am reading three titles — all very different from one another — that have been on the tbr list for a few months now. You know what they say — books are a gal’s best friend.

This can’t really count as a “tbr” because I have already started reading it. But, I’m less than 100 pages in. I read Zadie Smith’s NW in college for a religion class, but I wanted more. So, I decided I would end the year with Swing Time. Smith is a smart storyteller, and I am excited to see where this story takes me.

In the midst of a slump, I watched the entirety of The Crown with my family. In watching the series, I found myself wanting to learn more about the history of the monarchy — mainly, why it was established and the crown’s original role — and the lives of the royal family. I found myself feeling very sympathetic towards Queen Elizabeth II … I could not imagine having to always be perfect, proper and impartial. I am very excited to get to this one next!

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for Trick Mirror. I believe the inability to see oneself clearly is a struggle we all face in this generation, and I am curious to see how Jia Tolentino will deal with this in her essays. I love nonfiction, and I am expecting this read to hit the nail on the head and hit me perfectly in the heart.

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